Equipment and material procurement of ships

Our Company is an international supplier of spare parts for marine applications and has collaboration with the main manufacturers around the world. Available spare parts are proposed to the client immediately after receiving the request and in case of confirmation shall be delivered to the vessel, regardless which port in the world she is.

  • Spare parts for main and auxiliary diesel engines;
  • Ship pumps, compressors, separators of various type;
  • Measurement instruments for ME and DG;
  • Ship fittings: valve, clinket valves and gate valves;
  • Different types of filter elements;
  • Fuel injection equipment: nozzles, injectors, plunger assemblies for ME and DG of all types;
  • Electrical equipment: lamps, spotlight, side lights, generator, starters, heaters and many other;
  • Spare parts for cargo cranes, mooring devices;

Also we will arrange of material technical supply of vessel under any flags in Black Sea ports to the next equipment:

  • Life-saving means and equipment (liferafts, lifebuoys, lifejackets, immersion suits, line-throwing devices, retroreflective tapes, etc.);
  • Ship signal equipment and pyrotechnics (light-and-smoke signals (MOB), smoke signals, parachute rockets, hand flares, etc.);
  • Fire-fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, fireman’s outfit, breathing apparatuses, escape sets, etc.);
  • Mooring and rigging equipment (polypropylene and wire ropes);
  • Ship navigation publications and log books, International Convention and Resolution;
  • BA charts and publications, navigation manual books, magazines, etc.;
  • Marine and domestic chemical supply;
  • Food provision и bonded stores;

and many other...

Shipchandler department immediately will arrange of required custom clearance and declare of delivered goods and equipment. Without any delay we will deliver of all necessary on board with full file of certificates and documents.

We work 24/7.

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