Safety and Fire-fighting equipment - service maintance, repair and supply

Highly skilled team of service engineers offers the wide range of services, including periodic survey, repair and installation of lifesaving and fire-fighting equipment.

Works can be made in the ports of Russia, as well as certain types of services can be performed at any port all over the world:

  1. Annual and five-year through examination of lifeboat launching appliances, lifeboat and inflatable rescue boat, according SOLAS;
  2. Inspection of liferafts, immersion suits, lifebouys, lifejackets, TPA;
  3. Inspection and recharging of fire-extinguishers, fire hoses and nozzles;
  4. Inspection of fixed fire- extinguishers system;
  5. Inspection and refilling breathing apparatus and EEBD;
  6. Inspection of fireman outfit;
  7. Test and inspection of embarkation and pilot ladders, gangway;
  8. Test and inspection of bunker hoses;

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