Ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM) of hull structures of ships

  1. Ultrasonic thickness measurement of hull, hull structures and steel structures of all ship’s systems and machinery;
  2. Measurements of residual thicknesses of cylinders and pipelines;
  3. Inspection of emergency damages of the structures and recommendations for their elimination;
  4. UTM for Class Survey (all types, including ESP ships), UTM for CAP Survey, UTM for Owners Survey;
  5. Technical supervision under repairs of hull structures;
  6. Tightness testing of hatches and openings by means of ultrasonic equipment;
  7. Expert assessment of technical condition of the vessel.

Ultrasonic thickness measurements of structures are performed in accordance with the requirements of the Rules of Classification Societies, taking into account the structural peculiarities, type and age of the ship and also the Shipowner requirements.

All our experts possess qualifications which meet the requirements of international standards confirmed by the certificates of competency.

Our equipment allows performing measurements of residual thicknesses without destroying the paint coat with tools and provide penetration of ultrasound through the coating, it is showing only the thickness of the tested sheet steel.

According to the results of the ultrasonic thickness measurements of the structures being developed "Report of the residual thickness measurements", and also drawing up technological documentation for the repair of the structures which have defects.

Technical documentation includes all necessary information about replacement of the construction: texts and sketches shall include the developments regarding the area, the repair method used, the construction parameters and the weights of steel needed for the repair.

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